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Young Farmers Finals Sat 24th July

A total of 10 Ladies and 9 Gents competed at the Finals held at Ingilston Showground. A very competitive competion took place with the mens semi final between Biggar,Calendar,Carluke & Strathearn competing for the chance to become National Champions. The final took place between Biggar & Calendar and what a pull it turned out to be with Calendar taking a very hard 1st end. Then Biggar with the experience and extra weight took the next ends to give the Gold to Biggar on the day.

The Ladies also had teams from Biggar,Calendar, Carluke & SSS all reach the semi finals. The final took place between Biggar & Calendar and again after a hard fought final Biggar came out as Gold winners on the day.


Biggar YF Gold Calendar YF Silver
Strathearn YF Bronze Biggar YF Gold
Calendar YF Silver Carluke YF Bronze






West YF Qualifier 10th July

A total of 10 Ladies team and 9 Gents teams competed at the Lanark market in an excellent competition. This was probably our biggest YF Competition in

many years and the standard was certainly very high.

Results Ladies 1st Ayr YFC. 2nd Biggar YFC. 3rd Callendar YFC. Gents 1st BiggarYFC. 2nd Callendar YFC.3rd Lesmahagow YFC.

East YF Qualifier Sat 3rd July

Results - Ladies 1st Brechin YFC. 2nd Aberfeldy JAC. 3rd Strathearn JAC. Gents 1st Strathearn JAC.2nd Angus Tayside.3rd Aberfeldy.

All teams have now qualified for the YF Finals which will be taking place at Ingilston on Sat th July.


June 27th

Kinneff Training competiton.

Teams took part in another training competions held in Stonehaven. Teams from Brechin, Callendar, Cornhill, Elgin, New Deer& Turrif took part in an excellent

days pulling

Team will be now preparing for the Young Farmers Qualifiers on 3rd July at Dalgety Bay

Ayrshire YF Qualifier

Results - Ladies 1st Ayr, 2nd Kilmaurs, 3rd Crossroads.-Gents 1st Mauchline, 2nd Kilmaurs, 3rd Crossroads.

Lanarkshire YF Qualifier

Results - Ladies 1st Biggar, 2nd Carluke, 3rd Avondale . Gents 1st Biggar ,2nd Lesmahagow A, 3rd Lemahagow B


June 6th 2021

Cornhill TOWC hosted our first Competition of the season and we had teams from Brechin,Cornhill, Elgin,Great Glen, Turriff, New Deer

It was really good too see the teams out again after a long break. It was great to see a new Ladies Club join us for the first time Great Glen.


Ladies C/W

1st Brechin, 2nd Cornhill,3rd Great Glen, 4th Turriff

Mens C/W

1st Cornhill, 2nd New Deer, 3rd Elgin

Mixed 600kg

1st Brechin, 2nd Cornhill A, 3rd Cornhill B, 4th New Deer.


Sunday 13th June.

Our second competiion was held at Garnuck Rugby Club in Ayrshire and was probably our most attended pull at the start of a season.

We had teams from Ayrshire, Biggar,Carluke, Callendar,Kilmaurs, Lesmahagow,SSS, both Gents and Ladies teams . We had an excellent venue and the weather was great.



1st Callendar, 2nd Ayrshire, 3rd Lesmahagow.

Mixed 600kg

1st Ayrshire, 2nd Carluke,3rd Biggar

Gents C/W

1st Kilmaurs,2nd Ayrshire,3rd Callendar.

Ladies C/W

1st Callendar,2nd Bigger,3rd SSS

























Mixed 600kg Ayrshire National Champions 560kg
Ayrshire TOWC Nationals 2018 Ayrshire Highland Show Winners 2018
Ayrshire TOWC National Champions 2018 Ayrshire Sqaud British & Irish Championships 2018
Ayrshire British & Irish Champions 520kg - 2018 Ayrshire Mixed 600kg - 2017
Biggar Highland Show Chamions - 2018 Carluke TOWC 2017
Cornhil Mixed 600kg Champions - 2017 Cornhill Mixed 2017
Clyde & Central Highland Show 3rd - 2018 Cornhill Squad Winners Nationals - 2016
Cornhill British & Irish Champions 600kg - 2018 Cornhill Mixed British & Irish Championships
Cornhill National Champions - 2018 Cornhill 640kg National Champions
Ayrshire World Club Champions - 2018 Ayrshire South Africa - 2018
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Elgin TOWC British & Irish Championships - 2018 Fife & Kinross TOWC Highland Show - 2018
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