Season 2024 Outdoor

Saturday 6th Fettercairn Show

We had 2 National Weights take place at this years Games the Mixed 580kg and for the first time a Mixed U23 which were both supported well.

In the Open clubs we had the Ladies 540kg and Gents 640kg.

Teams from Ayrshire,Brechin,Cornhill,Elgin & Tinto


U23 Mixed. 1st Ayrshire, 2nd Cornhill, 3rd Ayrshire B

Mixed 580kg. 1st Cornhill, 2nd Ayrshire, 3rd Tinto

Ladies 540kg. 1st Cornhill, 2nd Ayrshire, 3rd Brechin

Gents 640kg. 1st Cornhill, 2nd Ayrshire, 3rd Brechin

Ayrshire TOWC U23 National Champions
Cornhill TOWC 580kg National Champions
Tinto TOWC Bronze Medal Mixed 580kg


Saturday 22nd June Royal Highland Show.

A total of 10 Gents and 10 Ladies teams competed to see who would be crowned Highland Show Champions 2024 and after a extremeley competitive and hard fought competition the following teams came through.

Gents 1st Biggar YFC, 2nd Crossroads YFC , 3rd SSS YFC, 4th Kinneff YFC

Ladies 1st Kilmaurs YFC, 2nd Strathbogie YFC, 3rd Angus & Tayside YFC, 4th Callendar YFC

Biggar YFC Winners Highland Show
Kilmaurs YFC Winners Highland Show
Crossroads YFC Runners Up Highland Show
Strathbogie YFC Runners Up Highland Show
Angus & Tayside 3rd Highland Show
Kinneff YFC 4th Highland Show


Saturday 8th June Angus Show.

Teams from Angus & Tayside, Brechin,Callendar,Fife& Kinross & Strathearn all supported a great Show. Even so all teams have been out most weekends at other competitions they still found time to get in more live ends in preperation for the Highland Show in 2 weeks time. The day ended with a general mixed competion which involved all pullers present. Big thanks must to our Official for the day Ryhs Anderson.

Gents 510kg

1st Callendar, 2nd Fife & Kinross, 3rd Strathearn

Ladies 410kg

1st Angus & Tayside, 2nd Brechin


Saturday 1st June YF Qualifiers.

North Area. Gents 1st Kinneff, 2nd Strathbogie, 3rd W Aberdeenshire. Ladies 1st Strathbogie, 2nd Caithness

East Area . Gents 1st Bathgate A, . Ladies 1st Brechin

West Area. Gents 1st Callendar. Ladies, Kilmaurs

Callendar YF Strathearn YF
Cornhill TOWC Past and Present Members


Sunday 27th Kinneff Training Competition

Another great competition seeing 6 Ladies teams and 8 Gents teams make the effort to attend a great training competition at Kinneff TOWC in Stonehaven.

It was a pleasure to see so many new and young pullers in attendance. A big thanks to our Officials for the day in making it a great competition.

Ryhs Anderson. Mike Faconer & Sandy Dean. Alice Meston was our recorder for the day.

510kg Gents 1st Callendar, 2nd Cornhill B, 3rd Cornhill A, 4th Elgin.

420kg Ladies 1st Cornhill ,. 2nd Cornhill B, 3rd Brechin, 4th Elgin.

600kg Mixed 1st Kinneff, 2nd Elgin, 3rd Cornill B, 4th Brechin.

640kg Gents 1st Callendar, 2nd Elgin, 3rd Kinneff.

Ayrshire Young League Farmers Training


Friday evening saw the final competition from the Training league. We had teams from Ayrshire A & B,Beith,Bathgate a & B. Upper Eaden & SSS A & B.

Final results

1st Beith YFC, 2nd Upper Eaden, 3rd Ayrshire

All the teams enjoyed all the extra pulling which will hold them in good stead for the next competition at Kinneff and also any future qualification events that will take place at the end of the month.


Sun 19th May Gordon Highland Games

A good turnout of teams at the games this year and a big crowd cheered on teams from Brechin, Cornhill, Elgin,Moffat, Strathdee in both Gents and Ladies.

It was really good to see Elgin Ladies out on there first competion with there new team, they did not disappoint putting in some good ends against more experienced teams.


Ladies, 1st Cornhill B, 2nd Cornhill B , 3rd Brechin, 4th Elgin

Gents, 1st Cornhill, 2nd Moffat, 3rd Elgin, 4th Strathdee

Elgin TOWC Ladies in action Umpires for the Tug of War


Sun 4th May Lanarkshire Qualifier.

A fantastic night at the Biggar Rugby Club for the annual district Tug of War Qualifiers. It was great to see 5 gents and 6 ladies teams competing with every club being represented at least once over both pools. We were also delighted to see the return of some clubs who had not competed in the last few years.

It was an extremely tough competition on the night where it was all to play for. Thanks must go to all STOWA umpires on the night for keeping the competition running so smoothly.

Special mention must go to Robbie Gray from Carluke who was on the ball with all th coin toss allowing an extremely slick transition between ends.

Good luck to all teams in each categorie who will now go forward to the West Competition on June 1st at the Gargunnock Show


Ladies 1st Avondale. 2nd Biggar. 3rd Carluke.

Gents 1st Biggar.2nd Lesmahagow. 3rd Carluke.



Sat May 20th Kilmaurs Show

We had our first competition of the outdoor season and it was kindly sponsored by Kilmaurs Show.

We had 8 Mens teams and 7 Ladies teams competing throughout the day. A lot of good pulling took place considering it was the first time some on the new pullers competed.


Mens 1st Callendar, 2nd Beith, 3rd Crossroads.

Ladies 1st Biggar, 2nd Kilmaurs, 3rd Crossroads

Callandar Winners C-W Biggar Ladies Winners C-W

Sat 27th Beith Show

Another well attended show for our Young Farmers teams in preparation for the West Qualifier next month


Gents 1st Crossroads, 2nd Beith, 3rd Mauchline.Ladies 1st Kilmaurs, 2nd Crossroads, 3rd Ayr

Kilmaurs Winners C/W Crossroads Winners C/W

Sunday 28th Dumfries& Galloway Eliminations

Another new event for the Association but again pretty good attendance for a small competition.


Gents 1st Lower Nithsdale , 2nd Stewarty, 3rd Annandale

Ladies 1st Lower Nithsdale / Stewarty, 2nd Annandale

All teams are now looking forward to the next competition which will be the Ayr Show on Saturday 11th May

Contact Mairi Fisher @ Mairifisher@rocketmail.com

Teams from the Dumfries& Galloway Qualifier  


Indoor Season 2023-24

British & Irish Championships Sat 13 January /Sun 14th January

The Scottish Tug of War Association had the pleasure in hosting this Championships which were held at J&S Montgomery in Beith Ayrshire.

We had teams from England, Ireland, N Ireland and Scotland in both Gents and Ladies teams competing.

Sat Results Closed Championships


600kg Gents

1st Ireland A, 2nd Scotaland A , 3rd N Ireland A , 4th Scotland B.

350kg Ladies

1st Scotland , 2nd England A , 3rd England B.

680kg Gents

1st Ireland A , 2nd England A , 3rd England B.

580kg Mixed

1st Scotland , 2nd England A , 3rd England B.

Scotland A Silver 600kg Scotland Gold 375kg

Sunday Open Club results .

Mens 640kg 1st Clonmany B, 2nd Cockhill, 3rd Ayrshire

Ladies 350kg 1st Clonmany B, 2nd Ayrshire, 3rd Sheen

Mens 580kg 1st Cockhill, 2nd Ritchill l,3rd Ayrshire

Mens 680kg 1st Cockhill, 2nd Clonmany B, 3rd Tinto

Ladies 5 aside 350kg 1st Clonmany B, 2nd Ayrshire, 3rd Sheen

Mixed 4 x 4 580kg 1st Ayrshire, 2nd Sheen

Lizzie from Tinto TOWC with her medals
Tinto 680kg Bronze Medal Ayrshire 640kg Bronze Medal

If we can just wish all our Scottish pullers all the best in the next World Championships which will take place in Sweden next month



Sunday 9th December.

Our final competition this year was our Indoor National Championship which were held in Beith ,Ayrshire and we had the 600kg,640kg& 680kgt itles to be competed for.

With teams from Ayrshire, Cornhill & Tinto taking part. The 600kg was the first weight to be decided and it was between Ayrshire & Cornhill after a very competitive pull it was Ayrshire who took the medals being crowned National Indoor Champions at 600kg 2023.

We then moved on to the 680kg where we had Ayrshire,Cornhill & Tinto ready to battle it out, after some great pulling from all 3 clubs we ended with a great final between Ayrshire & Tinto, again with Ayrshire pulling some great ends they ended this weight as National Champions at 680kg.

Our Final weight of the day was the 640kg where again battles between Ayrshire,Cornhill & Tinto took place. The final took place between Ayrshire & Tinto and once again Ayrshire took this title as well being crowned 640kg National Indoor Champions once again. A great days pulling was had by all our pullers and this was a great day for our young pullers who now are getting more experience on the rope in preparation for the next competition.

The next competion will be the British & Irish Indoor Championships which will be held over the weekend 13th - 14th January and will be hosted by the Scottish Tug of War Association and will take place at Beith , Ayrshire .

Details to follow.

600kg Gold Ayrshire, Silver Cornhill

640kg Gold Ayrshire, Silver Tinto, Bronze Cornhill

680kg Gold Ayrshire, Silver Cornhill, Bronze Tinto.



The first competion of the Indoor season was held at Inverbervie on Sun 26th November where we had the 580kg Mixed with teams from Ayrshire & Cornhill competing for the title.

Although we had only 2 teams it was still a great days pulling with a lot of new pullers from the clubs which will have seen there first time of pulling at this level. Ayrshire TOWC achieved Gold on the day..Cornhill TOWC took the Silver .

We then had a mixed competition between all the pullers from the clubs which gave the new pullers more time on the rope.

Our next big day is the Indoor Nationals on Sunday 10th December which will take place in Beith. We will have teams from Ayrshire,Cornhill & Tinto competing in the 560kg,600kg,640kg & 680kg .

Ayrshire TOWC Mixed 580kg Gold
Cornhill TOWC Mixed 580kg Silver
Ayrshire TOWC in action
Cornhill TOWC in action
Cornhill TOWC Squad





World Outdoor Championships Switzerland.

We had club teams over representing in the Club Championships and Closed Championships from Ayrshire, Cornhill & Kinneff a full report will be published later.

Cornhill Squad
Kinneff TOWC in action 560kg
Ayrshire Juniors
Cornhill 560kg in action
Cornhill day of rest
Cornhill TOWC Bronze medallists in the Closed World Championship
Kinneff in action 560kg
Ayrshire Juniors World Club Champions 480kgs
640kg Represented by Cornhill TOWC
480kg Represented by Ayrshire TOWC
640kg 4th position in the World Championships



Saturday 12th August.

British & Irish Tug of War Championships was held in Elgin and it was hosted by the Scottish Tug of War Association and we had teams from England,Ireland, N Ireland ,Scotland & Wales competing both Gents and Ladies teams taking part. We had Ladies teams in the 520kg & 560kg categories competing . In the Gents we had 600kg & 680kg teams . lastly we had a mixed 580kg category that took place with again all teams taking part.


520kg Gold England A, Silver England B, Bronze Scotland A.

560kg Gold England A, Silver England B , BronzeScotland A

600kg Gold England A, Silver Scotland A, Bronze England B.

680kg Gold England A, Silver Scotland A, Bronze England B

Mixed 580kg Gold England A, Silver Scotland A, Bronze England C


Sunday 14th August

Open Club Championships


520kg Gold Bedford, Silver Army, Bronze Cornhill

560kg Gold Army, Silver Bedford, Bronze Cornhill


560kg Gold Cornhill, Silver Garvagh, Bronze Felton

600kg Gold Lincoln, Silver Cornhill, Bronze Bancran

640kg Gold Lincoln, Silver Cornhill, Bronze Bancran

680kg Gold Lincoln, Silver Cornhill, Bronze Befrordshire

700kg Gold Cornhill, Silver Ballinstoe, Bronze Cornhill

Mixed 580kg Gold Lincoln, Silver Bedfordshire, Bronze Ayrshire

After a great weekend of pulling for Country and Clubs all teams will now looking to the European Championships which will be held in Switzerland in 2 weeks time. We wish all teams who will be atttending te Championships good luck.

A special mention must go to Cornhill TOWC who had there best results over the full weekend in many years getting a total of 13 medals out of 14 weights competed for.

Sunday 6th July

Scottish National Championship took place at Stonehaven Highland Games and what a result from Cornhill TOWC taking 9 Gold medals in the competition.

Full report and Photo,s to follow.


500kg, 1st Cornhill. 2nd Ayrshire.3rd Brechin

520kg,1st Cornhill. 2nd Ayrshire.3rd Brechin.

540kg, 1st Cornhill. 2nd Ayrshire.3rd Brechin.

560kg, 1st Cornhill. 2nd Brechin. 3rd Ayrshire.


560kg, 1st Cornhill. 2nd Ayrshire. 3rd Strathearn.

600kg, 1st Cornhill. 2nd Ayrshire. 3rd Tinto.

640kg, 1st Cornhill. 2nd Ayrshire. 3rd Elgin.

680kg, 1st Cornhill. 2nd Tinto. 3rd Tinto.

700kg, 1st Cornhill.2nd Tinto. 3rd Ayrshire.


Sat 1st July.

Fettercairn Show is where we had our 1st National Championship Weight the Mixed 580kg and a great days pulling took place with teams fron Ayrshire, Cornhill A & B, Kinneff & Tinto .

After a hard competition Cornhill again took the Gold medal against Ayrshire to win the Mixed 580kg.


Mixed 580kg . 1st Cornhill, 2nd Ayrshire, 3rd Cornhill B

C/W 1st. Tinto,2nd Cornhill, 3rd Kinneff

C/W Ladies. 1st Mixed team. 2nd Cornhill


Sat 24th June

The final of the Young Farmers C/W Gents and Ladies took place at the Royal Highland Show on probably the hotest day for Tug of War this season.

We had a total of 10 teams in the Gents and the same in the Ladies all trying to become Higland Show Winners.

In the Ladies we saw Callander YF Club who have been improving every year take the title of Highland Show Winners not dropping an end the whole competition.

In the Gents another up and coming club Lesmahagow who took the title with a very hard 3 ender against Strathearn.


Gents, 1st Lesmahagow, 2nd Strathearn, 3rd Lanark, 4th Crossroads.

Ladies, 1st Callander, 2nd Strathbogie, 3rd Carluke, 4th SSS.






Any Junior Puller or under 23 puller who wishes to have a go at our great sport you can find all the details and programmes for this year below.

Juniors & Under 23


Sat 10th June.

The Angus Show was a good day for pulling some good Tug of War with the weather being on our side. We had teams from Ayrshire, Brechin, Cornhill , Fife & Kinross & Tinto ladies and gents pulling in a mixture of weights.

Ladies C/W, 1st Fife & Kinross, 2nd Cornhill , 3rd Brechin

Mens C/W, 1st Cornhill, 2nd Tinto, 3rd Ayrshire

Mixed 600kg, 1st Cornhill A, 2nd Ayrshire,3rd Cornhill B.

Ladies 540kg, 1st Cornhill, 2nd Fife & Kinross.

Mixed 600kg, 1st Conhill, 2nd Tinto, 3rd Fife & Kinross.



All the Young Farmers Qualifiers took place around Scotland to determine which clubs will be going forward to represent at the Royal Highland Show later in the month.

East Area

Gents. 1st Strathearn, 2nd Bathgate, 3rd Fife & Kinross

Ladies, 1st Fife & Kinross, 2nd Fife & Kinross Green, 3rd Brechin


West Area

Gents. 1st Lesmahagow, 2nd Lanark, 3rd Crossroads, 4th Callendar

Ladies. 1st Callendar, 2nd Biggar, 3rd Carluke, 4th SSSS


North Area

Gents, 1st East Aberdeenshire,2nd Kinneff, 3rd West Aberdeenshire

Ladies, 1st Strathbogie, 2nd East Aberdeenshire,


North Open 6 a / side Gents

C/W 1st Cornhill,2nd Elgin, 3rd Strathmore, 4th Kinneff

680kg 1st Cornhill,2nd Elgin, 3rd Kinneff, 4th Strathdee.

North Open Ladies

1st Cornhill B, 2nd Cornhill A, 3rd Strathbogie, 4th East Aberdeenshire

Photo from Qualifiers. / Open



The season has definatley started with all Young Farmers teams now into training for the Area Qualifiers on Sat 3rd June where we will see teams from East ,West & North Young Farmers all trying to qualify to represent at the The Royal Highland Show which takes place at Ingilston on Sat 24th June.

In preparation we have been running training competiton with the view to get more teams and pullers into our sport. All teams will be looking towards the British & Irish Championships which this year will be hosted by the Association and will take place in Elgin on Sat12th & 13th Aug.

All club teams are invited to attend the Open Clubs which will take place on the Sunday. Any teams having a view to represent Scotland at these Championships must first qualify at the Scottish National Championships which will take place on Sunday 16th July at Stonehaven Highland Games.

Kinnneff Open training day Sun 28th May

Teams from Cornhill, Elgin, Kinneff, Fife & Kinross, Ayrshire & Brechin all enjoyed a hard day traing and pulled in 7 weights throughout the day.


Sun 29th

The Dumfries & Galloway Young Farmers qualifier took place at Barony Campus.


Gents. 1st Lower Nithsdale, 2nd Stewarty, 3rd Annandale

Ladies. 1st Annandale, 2nd Lower Nithsdale, 3rd Stewarty

Mixed. 1st Lower Nithsdale B, 2nd Annandale B ,3rd Stewarty.

We would like thank Barony Campus for allowing us to have the competition on the grounds. Also a big thanks to our Official on the day Mairi Fisher.

We would like to wish all teams the best of luck in the West Area Qualifiers which take place at Newmins Show on Sat 3rd June.


World Indoor Championshionships Belfast March 08th -11th

Scotland had a successful weekend in Belfast returning with a haul of medals.

Results .

Ayrshire TOWC Gold Mens 640kg

Ayrshire Gold 580kg Mixed

Scotland Silver 580kg Mixed

Scotland 4th Closed 640kg

Scotland 5th Closed 600kg



Scottish National Indoor Championships 2022

We had a great day pulling at J&S Montgomery today for our National Indoor Championships. We had teams from Ayrshire, Brechin, Cornhill & Tinto competing in 580kg Mixed , 600kg,640kg & 680kg.

Ayrshire TOWC managed to come out as winners in all weights and had some hard pulls against the other clubs, Tinto Cornhill & Brechin did not make it easy for Ayrshire . Tinto & Cornhill took the finals to 3 ends. We had a great standard of pulling and it was good to see some of our Younger puller on the rope.

All teams will be looking forward to compete at B&I Championships being held in January over in the Republic of Ireland. Teams are also looking to attend the World Indoor Championships which will take place in Belfast in March 2023.


580kg Mixed -1st Ayrshire 2nd Brechin

600kg- 1st Ayrshire 2nd Cornhill

640kg -1st Ayrshire 2nd Cornhill 3rd Tinto

680kg -1st Ayrshire 2nd Tinto 3rd Cornhill


Cornhill TOWC Tinto TOWC

Thursday 15th Sept - Sunday 18th World Championships Closed & Open Clubs.

Scotland sent teams from Ayrshire TOWC & Cornhill TOWC to the recent Championships that were held on Holten Holland . Cornhill took their 560kg team to compete in the Open clubs and also the Closed representing Scotland. They performed extremely well at both competiions and the standard was extremely high.They did not make the podium this time but gained more experience that will assist them in future Championship.

Ayrshire TOWC sent over the Junior members of the club and what a time they had returning as the World Champions in the Ladies 480kg and then following it up with a Silver medal in the Closed Championships competing against the best Junior teams in the World. The mixed 520kg also achieved a 4th position in an exremely hard competition.

World 480kg Club Champions

Ayrshire Mixed
Cornhill 560kg Representing Scotland
Ayrshire Ladies at World Championshps Holland

Some of the future stars of the sport.

Supporters .

Sat 13-14th Aug British & Irish Championships

Scotland sent down teams to Wales to compete at the Championships with pullers from Ayrshire TOWC & Cornhill TOWC both representing in the Closed and Open clubs at the weekend.

Cornhill TOWC representing Scotland in the 600kg & 680kg and Ayrshire ladies in the 520kg & 560kg.

Cornhill TOWC took the Gold medal in the 600kg and did not drop an end the whole competition. They have now been crowned B&I Championships again after winning this title 2 yeras ago. Cornhill them went on to take a Silver medal in the 680kg.They will now be confident in doing well in Holland where they go next month to the World Championships.

Ayrshire ladies also done well in bringing home a Bronze in the 520kg & 560kg which was a great feat considering the standard of the competition was extremely high. They will now be looking toward Holland in September where they will also compete at the World Championshps.

Scotland Squad representing at the B& I Championships.
Cornhill TOWC Gold medal 600kg
Cornhill TOWC Silver medal 680kg
Ayrshire TOWC Ladies Bronze medal 520kg & 560kg


Weight Gold Silver Bronze
Men 600kg Scotland A N Ireland B N Ireland A
Men 680kg England A Scotland A Ireland A
Ladies 520kg England A England B Scotland A
Ladies 560kg England A Wales A Scotland A
Mixed 580kg England A England B  
Junior Ladies 390kg Scotland England  

Sunday 14th Aug

The open clubs took place and we had teams from Ayrshire & Cornhill competing. Cornhill had an exceptional day in taking Gold in the 560kg and Silver in the 600kg & 680kg . Ayrshire Ladies reached the semi final in one of the weights but having had a hard day on the Saturday found it tough going.

Ayrshire TOWC Cornhill TOWC


Weight Gold Silver Bronze
Cornhill TOWC Winners 560kg,600kg,640kg,680kg.720kg Ayrshire Winners 500kg,520kg,540kg,560kg
Scottish Tug of War Officials. Brechin TOWC Silver 560kg
Cornhill TOWC Gold Mixed 580kg Ayrshire TOWC Silver Medal 580kg Mixed
Brechin-Mearns TOWC Bronze Medal 580kg Mixed Cornhill TOWC in action
Brechin Ladies Gold Winners Carluke TOWC & Brechin TOWC Highland Winners
640kg World Championships 2020 Cornhill TOWC Gold 680kg WCI 2020
680kg World Champions 2020 640kg World Champions 2020
AyrshireTOWC World Champions 520kg Ayrshire Ladies Cape Town
Ayrshire British & Irish Champions 520kg - 2018 Ayrshire Mixed 600kg - 2017
Cornhill TOWC National Champions 2017 Cornhill TOWC B & I Champions
Cornhill TOWC competing at B&I Championships Piper Dam Cornhill TOWC B&I 600kg Gold winners
Cornhill Ladies representing at B& I Championships Cornhill Mixed 580kg competing at B& I Champions
Cornhill Ladies representing B& I Championships Cornhill Ladies B & I Indoor Championships . Piper Dam
Brechin Ladies Scottish Nationals 2021 Brechin TOWC
Elgin TOWC Elgin TOWC
Elgin TOWC Mixed 580kg Elgin TOWC 600kg
SSS - TOWC Tinto TOWC Piper Dam
Ayrshire Ladies Cape Town World Outdoor Championships Ayrshire TOWC National Champions 560kg
Ayrshire TOWC Ayrshire Mixed 580kg
Cornhill TOWC Indoor Squad 2019 Biggar YF National Champions
Cornhill TOWC B&I Champions 600kg Calendar Ladies
Calendar Bronze medal Royal Highland Show Elgin TOWC
Kinneff TOWC 560kg National Champions - Stirling Ladies 500kg Representing China 2018 WCI
600kg China WCI 2018 600g in action WCI 2018
640kg Gold Winners WCI 2018 680kg Gold Winners WCI 2018
Mixed 600g China 2018 Mixed Gold medal B&I Championships 2018
600kg Gold medal UK Championships 2009 600kg In action UK Championships 2009
B&I Champions 2018 China WCI Sqaud 2018
Tinto TOWC China 2018 Tinto Indoor Squad 2018
Elgin TOWC Silver medal B& I Championships 2019 Elgin TOWC in action
Cornhill TOWC in action Belfast B& I Championships 680kg B&I Winners Gold medal 2019
B&I Championships Gold Medal